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About Me

My name is Miranda, I’m 26, I live in eastern North Carolina.  I am an accountant at a CPA firm in a tiny town close to the kinda big city that I live in, the same city where I graduated college.  I am not a CPA myself, which according to my professors means I am going straight to hell…

I am married, have been for four years now.  Madly in love, blah blah blah ” )  He is 29, red hair, full beard, polite country boy.  He is back in college going to be an RN after a not so successful first attempt.  Now I am standing over him with the frying pan to whack him on the head so he has some motivation.

We have two dogs and two cats and no children and STOP ASKING MOM!!!

I like to read (a lot…nerd alert!), watch movies, hang out with friends and family, take mini-vacations, go to concerts, and of course now I have an intimate relationship with Tumblr.